Gas, Nitro, and Electric R/C Boat Props, Hardware & Polishing Supplies


Voodoo Props, LLC. is a Michigan based manufacture of R/C model boat propellers for the Gas, Nitro, and Electric model boaters. Voodoo was the first in model R/C boats to introduce 17-4 PH stainless steel and 376 silicon bronze propellers to the market place. Voodoo collaborated with the most respected prop suppliers in the world to deliver this line of world class propellers. Its 17-4 PH stainless steel is by far the best known material for this hobby. 17-4 PH stainless is the same material used in the manufacture of turbine blades for the F16 fighter which allows for the lightest and thinnest propeller material that will hold up to the high RPM motors being developed today. 17-4 PH is not effected by saltwater and the elements, so no more corroded green propellers in your box. They also give the best scale appearance of any props on the market.

Our current line of Gas propellers include: 67×17-3 67×19-3 65×18-3 65×16-3 70×16-3 70×16-2 70×16-3 counter rotating 70×18-3 70×18-2 70×20-3 65×20-2R 70x21R 75x21R Lil Voodoo-3 Check out the rest of this site for all the current props sizes available.

We do our best to keep a large inventory of all sizes and metals in stock at all times so their will be no need for long delays. MOST VOODOOS ARE SOLD STOCK. Special propeller manufacturing on request.
Voodoo Guarantee; if your prop is ever damaged from floating debris or blade yield, return it for a replacement. Some fees apply to this service so check with us first.